Marshmallow Madness

This summer we went on vacation to the river and the kids got to experience roasting marshmallows. Their minds were blown and have been begging me to do it again. So when we got our fire pit from Wayfair, we had to break it in with some good ole s'mores.

S'mores are so stinking messy, but the kids loves them. So I put my OCD aside and let them at it! Besides, they are so stinking good. What's a little chocolate and marshmallow all over your face?
Rae is always my one to dive head first and try anything! She was so excited. She kept sneaking pieces of chocolate.

Hudson takes time to warm up. Needs Daddy within arms reach.

After getting the kids their s'mores Kyle had to grab one for himself too.
We can't forget the littlest. He got the fire started!
Just kidding! ;)


  1. I love that fire pit! And those pictures! Olivia got a taste of her first s'more last weekend and she was in heaven!

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  3. My favorite tip for s'mores for little ones (or big ones...) - Instead of graham crackers, we use an ice cream cone. Chocolate on the bottom, marshmallow on the top (you can push a small piece of chocolate into the marshmallow, too) = much less mess! Our kids love them.

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